ABGT 200: The Power of Music

The journey to ABGT 200

Almost a year ago I made some major life changes. I had gotten out of a long-term relationship, quit my job, and decided to move to Egypt to pursue a Master’s degree at the American University in Cairo. Quick change, including uprooting my life and moving to Cairo, caused me severe anxiety. What was I doing with my life? Why did I leave my friends, family, and a high quality of life in the State’s to be living alone in the developing world?

The week I made the decision that that changed my life, I got attacked by a pack of rabid dogs and fell ill to a sinus infection.  Following the infection, I holed myself up in my apartment for a week. I was on the brink of a severe breakdown, Jack Nicholson style, until I decided I to kick myself in the ass and get my shit together.

The power of music

The one constant in my life has always been music. Since I was old enough to make noises, music has always brought me happiness. I realized what I needed to do to come out of the dark abyss I had been wallowing in for several weeks—go to a show.

I quickly knew exactly where I needed to be to pull myself out of the pathetic downward spiral I succumb to—Above & Beyond Group Therapy 200 (ABGT 200). Prior to my long-term relationship, music was my everything. I was a regular club kid. I frequently traveled around the world to go to shows: Miami Music Week, A State of Trance, Electric Daisy Carnival—you name it, I was there. For whatever reason, I limited myself when I got into a relationship. It was a choice I made, something I’ve learned from, and something I will never do again. I recognized that if I wanted to regain my sanity and reconnect with my self I needed to make my journey back “home.”

Life is made of small moments

The moment I made this decision, things in my life just started working out. My journey to Amsterdam for ABGT 200 ended up including a stop in Athens and Istanbul. I managed to regain my identity on this trip by acknowledging who I really am and what makes me happy. Doing what you love really is the key to life.

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