My Laser Hair Reduction Experience – Complete Guide

laser hair reduction

All of us call laser hair treatments Laser Hair Removal and it should really be called Laser Hair Reduction because you will most likely not experience 100% permanent hair loss. Laser hair treatments are not guaranteed and most people do not experience 100% permanent hair loss, due to various factors such as hair thickness, hair color, skin color, laser types, different settings, hormones, etc. Prepare yourself for a reduction in hair, not a complete removal.

I will give you a breakdown of my laser hair reduction experience, with recommendations on clinics and best practices to ensure you get the best results.

I went to Ideal Image for a consultation on a Brazilian, underarms and full legs and was quoted $24,000 for 9 sessions on each area (~$850 per area, per visit). I was really taken aback by how much it cost and left the salon without putting down the 25% deposit that the esthetician had pushed on me… thank goodness, because after some very minimal research I found that the average cost for those areas was about $1,000 a piece.

I used a Groupon to get started on my first laser hair treatment and went to Ultimate Image Medspa in Plano. For a Brazilian, it cost me $169 for 6 sessions ($28 per visit). Each time was inconsistent from the last as I got a different esthetician each visit, which I didn’t appreciate as it’s a private treatment and they used different lasers and different settings on me each time. I didn’t get the results that I had anticipated (after 6 visits, I had about 50% hair reduction) and it caused lot of ingrown hairs. This laser was also very painful and the different estheticians did different treatments on me, meaning some areas were not treated every time… so I was left with a very “patchy” result.

I decided that even though I didn’t get the results I had anticipated, I would continue trying out different spas with Groupon as it made more sense economically. It also allowed me to try out different spas to see which one did the best job.

I used Total Med Solutions in Dallas for my underarms which cost $87 for 6 sessions ($14.50 per visit) and Skin Studio & Laser Boutique in Colleyville for my full legs which cost $349 for 6 sessions ($57 per visit). I have been so impressed with both Total Med Solutions and Skin Studio & Laser Boutique.

My esthetician at Total Med Solutions uses a laser that looks/feels like an ultrasound and doesn’t hurt at all. I have completed all six sessions and I have experienced about a 90+% hair reduction in my underarms. I like this spa a lot because of it’s location (right by my house), and the efficiency of the procedure and Total Med Solution’s staff (I am in and out within 10 minutes each time).

My treatment at Skin Studio & Laser Boutique has been the best value of them all—$349 for both upper and lower legs is an amazing deal. My esthetician here uses a Nd:Yg laser and it seems to be working very well so far. After two treatment I have experienced visible hair reduction and the hair that remains grows much slower, meaning I don’t have to shave every single day.

For best laser hair reduction results:

  • DO NOT TAN! (Use sunscreen every day!)
  • Ensure that you start your treatments in the fall, as it’s much easier to avoid sun during the winter. You will have to do several treatments and each visit is about 6 weeks apart, meaning that you will finish your treatments just as summer arrives so you won’t have to be worried about ruining your treatment or damaging your skin if you get some sun exposure.
  • Get yourself a dry brush! It’s been a game changer for my skin, period, but it really helps with ingrown hairs which you will experience as the hair follicles fall out (brush your skin just as you get into the shower as it really exfoliates your skin).
  • Don’t take a hot shower, bath or workout for the following 24 hours after a treatment. The heat is not good for the treated area and will only irritate/burn your skin.
  • Take a low-dose pain medication before your appointment, as depending on which laser is used on you, it will be pretty painful (feels like someone is taking a rubber band and snapping it on your skin… a Brazilian is obviously the worst).

All-in-all, I have enjoyed my laser hair reduction experience and I am thankful that I don’t have to shave every single day, and the little amount of hair that remains is softer (not as course), lighter in color and grows much slower. I would recommend you check out Total Med Solutions if you live in Dallas or Skin Studio & Laser Boutique if you live in Colleyville.

Total Med Solutions, LLC

Address5445 La Sierra Dr #420, Dallas, TX 75231

Phone(214) 987-9200


Skin Studio & Laser Boutique

Address4402 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, TX 76034

Phone(817) 581-7546


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