Birth control delivered to your house without ever seeing a gynecologist:NURX

Birth control delivered to your house without ever seeing a gynecologist

The Nurx app is giving women, like myself, more control over our health and bodies through an innovative birth control home delivery application. Nurx is an innovative step forward in breaking down unnecessary barriers preventing women from getting the medication they need.

Women face hardships when it comes to getting their hands on birth control. For many women contraception pills are vital to overall health, wellbeing, and success. Unfortunately, access issues and cost cause lots of ladies to forego the pill that helps create a healthy and well-rounded life.

Heather’s positive experience using the Nurx app

Over the summer, I started my last pack of birth control pills. I faced a big looming question, “what do I do” when I take my last pill? I had already asked my family doctor if he could write me a script for a new cycle of birth control. He told me I would have to see a gynecologist to get my birth control renewed. I wasn’t wanting to spend an arm and a leg to get a prescription written.  Without insurance, a visit to the gynecologist could cost more than $500. As a student living overseas without health insurance, this was not an option.

Luckily, I stumbled upon several articles sharing the good news about a new app called Nurx that allows people (even in Texas!) to purchase birth control without ever visiting a doctor’s office or a pharmacy!

It took me all of 15 minutes to create an account on the Nurx app from my phone. Within a short period of time, a real doctor contacted me via email and text message.  The doctor asked me a few questions and told me I would be able to get the birth control of my choice without insurance. Ordering my birth control from Nurx cost less than when I insurance through an old job!  Even better, the Nurx app provided me a vacation override without any issues. I requested and received 6 months supply of the pills without any pushback.  Within a week of downloading the app, a 6 months supply of birth control pills was delivered to my doorstep. I never visited a gynecologist or pharmacy.

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Have questions about Nurx? Check out their frequently asked questions page for quick answers!

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