Rebecca Hunt, the co-founder of Reimagined Reality, is an energetic, open-minded creative from Calgary, Canada. She relocated to the bustling city of Dallas, Texas after finding the love of her life on Instagram.

Her nomadic nature has lead her around the world, calling many places home. She believes the secret to life is being curious and never allowing complacency to take hold. Her biggest fear in life is reaching the end and wondering, “what if I had only…”. She lives true to her motto by taking every opportunity that arises and running with it.

In her day-to-day life, Rebecca is a successful Realtor in Dallas. She is known for her honest market reports, cutting-edge marketing techniques and smooth negotiating skills. Rebecca entered this industry with the intention of teaching other young people how to make smart purchases and investments, as she has. In her own words, “I believe our world has changed and we have to stop taking advice from our parent’s and grandparent’s generation. The economy, the technology and the regulations are much different than they were and it’s our responsibility to take this new world and do something with it.”

Rebecca has a knack for pushes limits and encouraging others to think outside-the-box. Her alternative viewpoints and thought-provoking articles open the door for conversations that most people avoid.

In her (rare) off-time, you will find Rebecca building websites, hiking in backwoods, reading  1000-page science-fiction novels or raving in dark clubs. She prides herself on being a well-rounded individual who experiments with life.  

If you can’t scientifically disprove a theory, it’s a valid hypothesis.