My Botox Experience Before and After Results

Why did I decide to have Botox in the first place?

I am a 29 year old woman living in Cairo, Egypt. I have a high stress job, live in heavy pollution, and I love the sun–all contributors to fine lines and wrinkles.  Two years ago I met a friend for lunch. She explained she planned on getting Botox injections in the future and suggested I do the same.  I was taken aback because this friend shies away from all things plastic. She goes for the naturally flawless look, and I would consider her one of my “minimalist” friends. Her direct comment that I need to get Botox before I am thirty caught me off guard.  Why would I want to look like insert name of fake freak here. That’s just not me. Like most women I want to look and feel beautiful, but not at the cost of looking like a fake freak. Some people like the plastic look. I don’t. I confronted my friend immediately after she basically told me I need to get Botox. She went on to tell me the truth about Botox. Below is a recap of my botox experience before and after results.

Botox is for prevention

Like anything in life Botox can be used for a variety of purposes and taken to extremes, but I learned that when administered in the right dosages it helps one gracefully age by preventing the overuse of muscles that cause wrinkles and lines.  Starting Botox around the age of thirty you manage to target lines for prevention before they get too deep and set in. If you are an incredibly animated person, Botox really helps calm down those facial expressions in the areas they may be causing deep cracks. For me, my forehead constantly moved up and down. At 29, I already created three beautiful lines running horizontally from one side to the next. Lovely!  I knew without treatment these lines would continue to develop into deep crevices on my forehead.

The Procedure: My Botox Experience before and After Results

The process was quick and easy. It is an in and out procedure. I do recommend going in with a fresh face. No makeup! To get an idea of what a procedure is like you can check out my experience on our Vlog.  You can see exactly how I went in for the injections and how they are administered.

When injected, Botox or botulinum toxin temporarily paralyzes muscle activity.  The period that Botox temporarily paralyzes muscles depends on the strength of your muscles. My procedure took place in June 2017.  For the most part the movement of my forehead is still pretty much paralyzed. I have tiny movement where tiny lines show up if I am overly animated, but they are still basically static. This is good news. I am about four months removed from the injections, and the muscle activity is still deactivated.

Takeaways: how I am feeling about my decision to try Botox

I am very happy with my decision to try Botox for preventative measures. I think Botox is great for highly expressive people. The way I look at it is we already put lotions on our faces to prevent lines and wrinkles. Botox is a preventative potion for the same problem. It worked great for me. It is still doing the job four months later. I plan to go back when I am back in Dallas in January. I will do an update at that time to share what my forehead is looking like, how I am feeling, and how the 2nd procedure goes. Botox is not for everyone and not everyone needs this prevention. I highly recommend talking to a doctor and doing personal research prior to trying it out.  Finding the right doctor is very important, and I attribute my great experience to my doctor in Dallas, Dr. Kingston (see her information below).

Some Frequently Asked Questions and My Personal Opinions (I am no expert or medical professional)
  1. How old should you be? Lots of girls start going between 27 and 30.I suggest around 30(+/-). I went in for my first procedure at 29 and 7 months.  It really just depends on your skin and preferences.  If you are only going for prevention, there is no reason to go too early. If it is purely a desire to manipulate your face, that is another story that I cannot speak to.
  2. Does it hurt? It did not hurt me at all. Maybe felt a tiny sting, but that’s it.
  3. Can you drink alcohol after having this procedure done? NO! NO! NO! Do not go for drinks with your friends after. Alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate. You should avoid consuming anything that may thin the blood. This includes Aspirin or other vitamins and medication that cause blood thinning.
  4. Can you drive after the procedure? Yes.
  5. Can you go to work or school after? Yes, most people can go straight to work or school. You can do pretty much anything that is NOT strenuous activity. If your work or school activities include heavy lifting, I would suggest waiting a few hours.
  6. Can you take a nap or lay down after? NO! Do not lay down for at least 6 hours. You do not want the Botox to move into areas it should not be.
  7. Can you work out after? I would not. Just don’t risk it. Schedule your appointment on a day you don’t hit the gym or track!
  8. Can I wear makeup to the appointment? I suggest you DO NOT wear makeup. Go in with a clean face. Why risk getting an infection because some piece of grimy makeup slips in the point of injection. You are going to prevent problems, so why potentially create one?
  9. Where can I go to learn more? I recommend speaking with a medical professional, but you can also find information online at the Mayo Clinic.
  10. Do you have a doctor you recommend?  I highly recommend Dr. Adean Kingston, MD, PLLC (Phone 214.420.3376 // Highland Park Place: 4514 Cole Avenue, Suite 910, Dallas, TX)

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