Smile Direct Club Review

I’d like to start this off with a disclaimer: I am NOT endorsing or bashing “Smile Direct Club” (formerly known as Smile Care Club). I am simply a paying customer, showing you my results and giving you my Smile Direct Club Review.

To give you a quick explanation of Smile Direct Club: they offer invisible aligners to help straighten your teeth while under the remote supervision of a state licensed dental professional. They ship you your trays monthly to prevent at-home disasters or misplacement of certain sets of aligners. This means you are getting a straight smile without the hassle of an orthodontist’s office or the really high price tag.

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I started my Smile Direct Club program in June, 2016. I was given 10 trays that I switched every 2-3 weeks, which means I ended my program in December, 2016.


  • Price: it only cost me $1,500 for the entire program (a traditional orthodontist had quoted me $7,000).
  • Convenience: they shipped the molds and trays directly to my house, and I never had to make an appointment.


  • Communication: I found the company very hard to communicate with, as they were inconsistent in their responses and it would take several attempts to get a response via email to any questions.
  • POA: the initial 10 trays that Smile Direct Club prescribed, didn’t move my teeth according to plan. The two front, bottom teeth are still a little crooked.

Smile Direct Club Review

In my opinion, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. I am okay with a mediocre response time as I am paying a quarter of the price that I would have otherwise. And the company is taking extra steps to fix the bottom row that didn’t line up how I wanted (for free).

I love that this company is shaking up the ortho-industry. As you guys know, I love a company or idea that breaks the status quo and gives everyone more options.

I don’t think this company, or others like it, actually deters people from going to a traditional orthodontist and getting braces, Invisalign or retainers. I think that Smile Direct Club is harvesting a different kind of clientele: people who otherwise couldn’t afford traditional braces. A customer like myself, isn’t going to dish out $5,000 for a cosmetic fix.

Unfortunately, I would have to argue that if you have a severe dental problem (over/under bite, very crowded teeth, fake teeth, sensitive gums, etc.) your best bet would be to stick to a licensed, educated dental professional.

BUT, let’s get back to this cosmetic fix.

I loved Smile Direct Club’s packaging, branding and system. It was very well thought out, attractive and simple.

  1. Smile Direct Club ReviewTo start, they ask you take photos of your teeth to make sure you qualify for the program (again, I don’t think they accept people with severe dental problems). In a couple of days, they will email you letting you know you have been approved. Pictured right, are my initial photos that I took on my phone.
  2. Then they send you a small package with molds and directions, which you mail back to them in the same box.
  3. After you complete step 1 + 2, it takes a couple weeks for them to create a plan for you, print the trays and ship them out.
  4. You follow the plan they prescribe… and boom! You have the teeth you’ve always wanted, for a fraction of the cost (they have two options: (1) pay $1,500 up front or (2) pay $1,735 split up into monthly payments of $99!

All-in-all, I am very happy with Smile Direct Club and I am so relieved to have my “troll teeth” fixed. If you are thinking about signing up, here is a discount code to get your impression kit for 50% off.

I have also created a website for other Smile Direct Club customers to share their reviews. You can check that out by clicking this link.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Smile Direct Club Review and I hope you also have a great experience with Smile Direct Club and you get the smile you always wanted!

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Smile Direct Club Review

Update on my Smile Direct Club review:

May 4th, 2017: I still wear my retainers every night and my teeth continue to stay in the right position. I notice that if I forget to where them and I pop them in after not wearing them for more than 12 hours… it hurts!! Yikes! They are still needing the aligners full time. And yes, my one bottom tooth is still a little shorter, as I haven’t had the time or money to go to an orthodontist and get it fixed.

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