You Are Going To Die

Bucket List

Someday soon, you will be rotting in the ground (or dusty particles flying around the universe, if that’s what you prefer)–and so will everyone you know and love.

My point?

Nothing matters, yet everything matters.

Everything you do will be forgotten (unless you do something utterly horrific or amazing)–but even then, someone will come along and do it worse or do it better than you and they will stop printing your name.

Yet, if you don’t try–you will reach the end and wish you had done more.

My takeaway from this sobering thought is this–do what you want, while not disrupting others. My goal in this life is to see every part of the world–there are so many places I have never heard of, so many cultures and peoples who are different than me–and I want to experience what life means for every human.

When people ask me “what I do”, I am at a loss for words. I do a lot of different things, and what I do to make money is not how I define myself.

I have visualized what that means to take my last breath and I don’t want to get there, knowing I lived someone else’s definition of life well lived.

Things I Must Accomplish Before Death:
• Travel to every region of the world.
• Live in a new place every ~3 years.
• Learn a new language.
• Write a book.
• Master photography + videography (to be able to accurately document the way I see the world).
• Hike the Pacific Coast Trail–from Mexico to Canada.
• Summit Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro.
• Adopt or foster an older child or teenager.
• Create a nonprofit that helps impoverished children.

It’s a small list, but a full load.

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